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We love a podcast here at AMWRAP, so to celebrate International Podcast Day we have compiled a list of our favourites. A couple are related to being a gym-inspired indie business, but most are just for fun. Comment below or head over to our Instagram @amwrapuk and let us know if you have any podcast recommendations for us – we’re always up for listening to something new.

All of the podcasts listed below are available from the usual podcast apps - we haven't provided links but they are easily searchable. Happy listening! 


Rachel's favourite podcasts Fearne Cotton Happy Place Fortunately with Fi and Jane Serial Girls Gone WOD

Girls Gone WOD 

Girls Gone WOD is about CrossFit and so much more. Joy and Claire’s weekly missives from the USA cover not only CrossFit chat (and with the big names too – recent guests include Games athletes Amanda Barnhart and Kristi Eramo) but also life… everything from the all-encompassing “wellness” to marriage, motherhood and state of the nation issues such as gun control. Joy and Claire are interesting and engaging – it’s like you’re having a chat with friends, which is how every good podcast should make you feel. Check out their CrossFit Games episode and their sensitively handled interviews with banned Games athlete Emily Abbott.

Fortunately… with Fi and Jane

About as far from CrossFit as you can get, my go to ‘comfort blanket’ podcast is Fortunately. Hosted by BBC Woman’s Hour’s Jane Garvey and fellow BBC journalist Fi Glover, it’s described as a ‘behind the scenes’ at the BBC type affair but the real gold simply comes from the camaraderie between the two and their musings on their past week and their general middle aged irritations. The guests, mostly big names from within the Beeb, are more of an aside to the LOLs you get from listening in to Fi and Jane chatting amongst themselves. It’s hard to describe the alchemy that happens here – so just go and listen to it.

Happy Place

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place is a joy to behold. Randomly it was recommended to me by my physiotherapist who thought that I needed to just bloody relax in order to sort out my neck pain… The main focus of the podcast is mental health, and Fearne and her guests (who range from A-list pals to members of the public who’ve done cool things) really open up about their own mental health issues and things that help them get to their ‘happy place’. And my neck is feeling a lot better too. 

Put Yourself First

Another podcast firmly in the ‘wellness’ genre is Kat Horrocks’ Put Yourself First. Conversations with women doing great things within the 'self-care' arena and advice/life hacks from Kat herself (who is a life coach) feature in each episode. Friend of AMWRAP (and AMWRAP model!) Sarah Harradine AKA Squat Bot has appeared and my other favourite episodes have included Nikki Hill talking about the power of the menstrual cycle and female hormones, and the founder of HANX condoms Dr Sarah Welsh (yep I am a sucker for a health entrepreneur).

Dear Joan and Jericha

I dread to think how many people might have stumbled across this podcast and not realised it’s actually a spoof (written and performed by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine). They play agony aunts Joan and Jericha, and the content is filthy, dark and totally absurd. Reader’s letters about their relationships and sex lives are dealt with insensitively and inappropriately. It was an under the radar hit and ended up winning Best Comedy at the 2019 British Podcast Awards. Series 2 is coming soon apparently!


If you’ve not listened to Serial yet – where have you been? Admittedly I was a few years late to the party myself - the first season of this true crime podcast is legendary in the podcast world and does not disappoint. Over the course of 12 episodes, journalist Sarah Koenig explores the tragic murder of high school student Hae Min Lee in Baltimore in 1999 and the conviction of her classmate and ex-boyfriend Adnan Sayed for her murder – uncovering a complicated story with many twists and turns. It’s totally gripping. 



Kirsty's favourite podcasts off menu James Acaster Hip Hop Saved My Life Romesh Ranganathan Ads for Success Hashtag Authentic

Hip Hop Saved My Life

A comedy podcast about hip hop! Romesh Ranganathan is joined by guests ranging from hip hop artists and producers to comedians, sports personalities and authors to discuss Hip Hop’s influence on their lives. If you only listen to one episode, episode 20 with Frankie Boyle is worth it to hear his brilliant conspiracy theory about the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

Off Menu

James Acaster and Ed Gamble are joined by a guest in their imaginary restaurant. The guest has to select their ideal meal and discuss it with the comedians, leading to an hour of food based ramblings, off-piste storytelling and silliness. 

Hashtag Authentic with Sara Tasker

Sara Tasker is a photographer and content producer; she runs the wonderful Instagram account @me_and_orla.  Hashtag authentic is a weekly discussion around producing original, creative and authentic Instagram content. The guests are always brilliant and inspiring, but what I like best about this podcast is its gentle, chatty tone. Quietly motivating.

Ads for Success

We were recommended this podcast by fellow online sellers and have been binge listening to this as we try and get a handle on our online ads. Amanda Perry presents tips and strategies for successful Facebook and Instagram ads in a chatty, easy to listen to style. 

Do you listen to any of these podcasts already? Got some recommendations for us? Don't forget to head on over to our Instagram @amwrapuk and let us know, or drop us a message below. 

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