Our fitness gift shop - 5 things you need to know

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We are a gym themed gift brand unlike any other! Here's five key things you need to know about our store.

1. Our name...

The name AWMRAP is a play on ‘AMRAP’ (as many rounds/reps as possible, commonly seen in CrossFit and HIIT workouts) and ‘gift wrap’.

We were originally called AMWRAP: Gifts for Athletes but recently changed to AMWRAP: Fun Fitness Gifts as we know the term “athlete” (even though we meant it to be inclusive and perhaps a little tongue in cheek) was off-putting for some people.

2. Our back story...

AMWRAP was established in July 2018. We became friends through CrossFit and wanted to create the fitness gift brand that we wished existed. Somewhere to buy well designed, colourful and funny cards and gifts unlike anything else out there.

We felt a lot of fitness themed items and apparel were pretty dull. There was nowhere to buy high quality greetings cards for our gym pals – and no one stop shop for items like badges, patches, mugs and prints. So we created it!

3. We love our ethical clothing range...

In 2019 we branched out into clothing. All our clothing is made by Stanley Stella – a brand with high ethical and environmental standards, which is very important to us. All Stanley Stella clothing is vegan and they use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. They are Fair Wear approved to ensure the safety of the workers producing their clothes.

4. Custom made products...

We make many of our items – including clothing, art prints, mugs and some of our smaller items like mirrors and large badges – to order. So, for example, when a customer orders a t-shirt from us, we send the order to our printer who prints the t-shirt and ships it. This lessens our environmental impact as we only produce items that are wanted!

5. It's just us!

We are a small, two person business. There is literally just us two doing everything from coming up with ideas, creating the designs, ordering stock and even making some of the items through to packing and dispatching, our own social media, customer service, website and Etsy store maintenance, accounts… you name it, we do it all!

Hope you’ve learned a little bit more about our fitness gift shop. If you’ve got any questions, drop us a comment, head over to our Instagram or Facebook or email us - hello@amwrap.co.uk.

Rachel & Kirsty

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