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We are very excited to have launched our first clothing collection this week! Have you checked out our range of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and dresses yet?

It’s been a bit of a journey for us to find the right clothing range and printers to fit in with the AMWRAP style and ethos.  

The majority of AMWRAP’s products are made to order, and our clothing is no exception. We decided to use a ‘drop shipping’ company to help us fulfil our clothing orders for a few reasons. Printing on demand reduces waste – which is very important to us. It keeps our costs (and ultimately the cost of our products) down as we do not have to produce and store vast stocks of items. It allows us to offer a larger range of products, styles, sizes and colours.

So who does our printing? We decided to use Inkthreadable: a really cool direct-to-garment printing and embroidering company based in Blackburn, Lancashire. We love Inkthreadable as they are dedicated to operating under strict ethical and environmentally friendly policies. They are a tightly-knit family run organization – we went over to Blackburn to meet them and see exactly how their printing and embroidery production happens. And we even played a spot of crazy golf in their office!

Rach playing crazy golf at Inkthreadable's offices in Blackburn

Our apparel range is printed on garments designed and produced by Belgian company Stanley/Stella. The brand embraces Fair Wear Foundation initiatives and focus on cooperating in a responsible way with its suppliers, to the benefit of workers. 100% of their cotton is certified organic (by GOTS or OCS), grown without pesticides, GMOs or chemical fertilisers. The other materials that they use are highly ranked on the “sustainability scale”: recycled polyester, Modal®, Tencel®, linen, and more. They are PETA certified, using 100% vegan materials. They work with only a limited number of factories which they name publicly, in a limited number of countries. The clothing is super high quality and we love the range of flattering styles and variety of colours.

Inkthreadable range of clothing at their offices

Inkthreadable’s packaging is also completely plastic free. Their paper postal mailing bags for apparel items are manufactured from responsible, sustainable sources to comply with FSC® certification. The weather-proof paper is both compostable and degradable and can be easily recycled. Pretty cool, huh?

We’re really proud of our first clothing range and how the clothes are produced is just as important to us as the high quality and originality of the designs. We hope you love our sweats and tees as much as we do!

Keep checking back on the store as we add more items of clothing over the coming weeks.

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