Is colouring in as good as the gym for stress busting?

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It's National Coloring In Day in the US #nationalcoloringday and we love creating cool new designs, so we've created a cool AMWRAP colouring in sheet that you can print for free! 

It got us to thinking about the benefits of colouring in, and it's remarkably similar to some of the mental health benefits you get from working out in the gym. 

amwrap colouring in free

Colouring reduces stress and anxiety. It relaxes an area of your brain called the amygdala – the part which is activated when you feel scared or stressed out. Colouring induces the same quiet state of mind as meditating, by reducing your thoughts when your mind is restless.

Colouring can also improve your motor skills, by allowing the two hemispheres of your brain to communicate – the logical side (staying in the lines) and the creative side (choosing colours).

Colouring before bedtime is a relaxing activity that can improve your sleep – unlike electronics where the blue light disrupts your production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

Colouring can also improve your focus… but not in a stressful way.

So who knows... start colouring in before bed every evening and you might start PB-ing those lifts! 

So – what are you waiting for? Our AMWRAP colouring sheet is fun for adults and kids alike (and a good way to kill half an hour with restless kids during the long summer holiday!)

Click here to access the printable version – then right click on the image and go to ‘open in a new window’. Once you have the graphic in the new window, click print on your webpage and you’re good to go!

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