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Here at AMWRAP we are very concerned about the climate crisis the world is facing. I am sure you are too. When we started the business we made a pledge to be as eco-friendly and ethical as we possibly could in our production and trading. 

  • We share our office, most of our materials and equipment with Kirsty’s business Double Thumbs Up which has saved us unnecessarily buying lots of new stuff.
  • We have a stock of cellophane wrappers for our greetings cards and prints which we are in the process of phasing out in favour of clear biodegradable bags.
  • Our new packaging is both biodegradable and compostable.
  • The majority of our items are made to order or produced via a ‘print on demand’ service, which reduces waste.
  • Our drop-shipper, Inkthreadable, operate under strict ethical and environmentally friendly policies.
  • Our apparel range is printed on garments designed and produced by Belgian company Stanley/Stella. The brand embraces Fair Wear Foundation initiatives. 100% of their cotton is certified organic. The other materials that they use are highly ranked on the “sustainability scale”. They are PETA certified, using 100% vegan materials. They work with only a limited number of factories in a limited number of countries.

Luckily we’re not the only ones doing our bit to help the environment. Here are 10 of our favourite UK brands that are putting people and planet first:

Batoko Swimwear

Batoko swimwear our pick of ethical UK businesses

Batoko is a small independent swimwear brand based on the North West coast. Their swimwear is made from 100% recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfill or the sea. They have a small, ethical supply chain, work with a number of marine conservation and environmental charities, and offset their carbon footprint. And their swimwear is totally awesome. Their costumes are produced in brightly coloured and bold prints and they have a kids range too. batoko.com

Beauty Kubes

Beauty Kubes our pick of eco UK businesses

I discovered Beauty Kubes this summer when I was looking for plastic-free products to take on holiday. They’re basically small cubes that you crumble in your hand, adding a little water, to create a paste that you use on your hair and body. They’re organic, vegan friendly (and of course plastic free) and based in Cornwall. I usually use shampoo bars and soap, but the great thing about Beauty Kubes is you can take with you exactly the amount that you’re going to need. They’re also ideal for taking to the gym for your post-workout shower and they come in travel/sample size which is perfect for fitting in your gym bag! beautykubes.co.uk

Bee Bee Wraps

Bee Bee reusable wraps the best eco friendly companies

Both Kirsty and I have managed to go cling-film free at home – and bees wax wraps have helped massively with this. There are a few different brands around but Bee Bee Wraps are a UK based one. BeeBee Wraps are squares of organic cotton infused with a formula of beeswax, rosin and organic jojoba oil. You can shape them around food, like cling-film, by using the warmth of your hands. You wash them in cold soapy water and reuse them for a year. Plus they come in lots of exciting colours and patterns. beebeewraps.com

Halo Coffee

compostable coffee capsules from Halo Nespresso

As you know we love our coffee here at AMWRAP. I have a Nespresso machine at home and although I recycle all our capsules through their recycling scheme, it’s a bit of a pain (also the niggling worry about whether they’re really being recycled…) and I just got to thinking that surely there’s a better way? Turns out there is: compostable capsules that can just go in your compost or ‘green bin’ waste. I discovered Halo Coffee, who make really delicious coffee in home compostable capsules! They can be disposed of in any waste stream and are in fact made from waste sugar cane fibre – extending the life of something that would usually just be considered as waste. Even all the packaging is home compostable! They have various different blends from around the world and also do a decaf version. halo.coffee

M20 Refills

local zero waste delivery service Manchester

For people local to South Manchester who want to go plastic free and use eco-friendly household and personal care products, M20 Refills is a zero-waste home delivery service. Run by the very lovely Aaron and Fanni, like a milkman they deliver the products to your doorstep in reusable glass bottles that you then return for a refill when you run out. Simple! They have great products by brands such as Eco Leaf, Bio-D and Faith In Nature, and you can even get things like recycled toilet roll in biodegradable/recyclable packaging, bamboo toothbrushes and beeswax wraps. m20refills.co.uk


collapsible reusable coffee cups to help save the environment

We both carry a reusable coffee cup wherever we go. British company Pokito has come up with foldable coffee cup that is easy to take everywhere owing to its compact size (even though it folds out to ‘grande’ size). It’s made from recyclable materials and after only 15 uses is environmentally sustainable. pokito.net


helping to create a zero waste future with Splosh

I’ve been using Splosh for a while now to cut down the plastics I’m using for household products. Most household products are heavily diluted with water. And items like spray bottles are hard to recycle. The idea with Splosh is that you keep hold of your empty spray bottles then order from them sachets of the product you want to refill (eg kitchen spray). You dilute some of the solution with water and voila! – you have refilled your spray (one sachet refills my kitchen spray bottle 4 times).  By refilling with a concentrate in a pouch, you’re cutting plastic waste by around 90%; then if you return the pouches in the refill box (which is free) the company manage reprocessing of the material into other products. It’s not just kitchen spray – they offer refills for all sorts of household and personal care products. splosh.com

Unicorn Chorlton

Unicorn grocery in Chorlton vegan organic fair trade

Unicorn is our local worker’s cooperative. It’s a supermarket size store that offers a huge range of affordable, fresh and wholesome food with an emphasis on organic, fair-trade and local produce. And everything is vegan! It was established in 1996 and is run by friendly worker-owners following a shared social and environmental agenda. I love their own hummus, the Black Cat Cakery cakes, carlin peas (AKA black peas – a Lancashire delicacy) and loose fruit and veg, which really cuts down on plastic and food waste. We are so lucky to have this store on our doorstep. unicorn-grocery.coop

Wyatt & Jack

reusing old inflatables to make new eco friendly products landfill Wyatt and Jack

I’ve only just discovered this brand, but one of their bags is definitely going on my Christmas list. Wyatt and Jack is a company based on the Isle of Wight that creates sustainable bags and accessories from upcycled beach deckchair canvas, broken inflatables and retired bouncy castle vinyl PVC. All of which would otherwise go into landfill or end up discarded on a beach or in the sea. The products produced are all super cool and unique. They also have an ‘Inflatable Amnesty’ – send them your punctured or tired inflatables and not only will they refund your postage, you can also follow its journey from being your item to beginning its new life as a bag – follow #inflatableamnesty on Instagram! wyattandjack.com

Yoga Matters 

eco friendly yoga mats Yoga Matters                                                          Yoga Matters sells all sorts of yoga equipment and lovely health and wellbeing products. We love their eco yoga mats which are made from natural materials and contain no PVC, EVA, or any other synthetic materials. As a company they no longer use airfreight to deliver stock and instead opt for sea freight instead where possible. They take care over the energy used in the offices (they say their fleece yoga blankets come in handy in the winter!) and are diligent about reusing and recycling – they never throw away a sheet of paper if it's blank on one side. Small actions are important! yogamatters.com

What are your favourite eco friendly brands? What are you doing in life or business to reduce your impact on the environment? Let us know in the comments or head over to our Instagram @amwrapuk to join the conversation. 

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