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You might have noticed we’ve been a little quiet recently. Rest assured we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes: preparing, packing and shipping orders and coming up with some ace new designs.

We’ve also faced a couple of small hurdles over the past three months which may have affected you. We wanted to explain what happened and to thank all our customers who have been wonderfully supportive.  

We use a drop shipping service for our clothing and mugs (if you want to know more about what drop shipping is, just head here). In the lead up to Christmas the printer that we work with was overwhelmed by orders on Black Friday weekend. Orders took longer to arrive than anticipated and we lost a week of trading on our clothing and mug ranges.

Since then we have been working hard to find a new printing company who will be able to fulfil all customer orders within our stated turnaround times at the busiest times of the year. We are confident that we’ve now found the right printer to work with and we are excited to be bringing out a new clothing range with them and some new mug designs too. Their embroidery is the best we’ve seen and we are hoping to bring you some new items such as embroidered patches for your tactical vests and bags later this year!

On the rare occasion where an order hasn’t arrived or where we are unable to fulfil the order within the stated dispatch time, we always offer our customers the option to either have the order re-sent or refunded. For those customers who had delays on their order in the run up to Christmas but still wished to receive it, they were given a discount.

After Christmas, we headed into Valentine’s Day with some cracking new card designs. Our Valentines were really popular and we were really busy in the lead up to the big day. A few days before 14th February we started to receive emails from customers who hadn’t received their orders. It became apparent that two bags of mail (containing around 100 orders) had disappeared somewhere in the postal system.

As soon as we realised we set about proactively contacting all the customers we believed were affected and offered to re-send the orders or provide a full refund. While many of the orders that we managed to re-send arrived by the 14th, understandably others were disappointed not to receive their cards in good time for Valentine’s Day.

What was so cheering for us was all the lovely messages we received from customers who were really pleased with the customer service we offered when this unexpected issue arose and who took the time to let us know when their cards arrived. We really appreciated it!

To minimise the risk of this happening again we are moving to a different type of Royal Mail account and at busy times we will take our orders directly to Manchester’s main sorting office. We are also looking to make our customer journey even better, so that when you order from AMWRAP, it is clear how long an item will take to be ready for dispatch, the postage service used and the estimated time it will take to arrive. We want to ensure all communications with you are clear and informative.

We apologise again to any customers affected by delays at Christmas and Valentine’s Day and thank you for continuing to support our business. We believe AMWRAP has a great offering: funny, quirky and colourful fitness themed cards and gifts unlike anything you’ll see elsewhere. And we’re excited for what’s to come in 2020!

Rachel and Kirsty

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