We will do better - our commitment to anti-racism

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We have taken a little time away from our social media channels over the past couple of weeks week to listen, read and learn from Black voices in our community. The truth is, while we considered ourselves to be an ethical company we were not taking the steps both personally and as a brand to be anti-racist.

We need to address that our website and social media channels are filled with white faces. This was not born out of a considered approach from us, we need to work on how we can change this without it being simply tokenism and box ticking.

As members of the wider CrossFit community we are angry and disappointed by the response of CrossFit Inc. and we hope that they too will take time to listen, educate themselves and take positive action.

Know that we are reading some excellent books on white fragility, we are working on #dothework by Rachel Cargel, are finding some excellent resources for our kids from The Black Curriculum, supporting local protests and donating where we can. We know this is the beginning. We have a lifetime of learning and unlearning to do. Sometimes we’ll get it wrong - we are always happy to be corrected and to do better.

Black Lives Matter.

Rachel & Kirsty

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