About Us

AMWRAP: Fun Fitness Gifts is a gift brand based in Manchester, UK.

We are Rachel and Kirsty, and we established AMWRAP in July 2018.

We became friends in 2016 through going to the same gym; living in the same area we also discovered we had mutual friends, and our kids go to the same school. From there a friendship and business partnership has grown.

Prior to having children we both worked in the arts, with jobs in museums and galleries – Kirsty on the curatorial side and Rachel in PR and marketing. After having children, we both pursued other passions as a way of working more flexibly. Kirsty started Double Thumbs Up - she designs and makes beautiful illustrated gifts, cards and paper goods (you can find her store on Not On The High Street and Etsy). Rachel moved away from the arts and became a functional fitness coach. Kirsty continues to run her other business alongside AMWRAP and Rachel has recently stopped coaching in order to dedicate her working time entirely to AMWRAP! 

The idea for AMWRAP first came about in December 2017. We went out for a Christmas lunch with our pals from the gym and Kirsty made us all the most fantastic gym themed Christmas cards, crackers and mini mirrors. Emboldened by a few cocktails we wondered whether there might be a wider market for these products: the kind of high quality, colourful and witty gym related gifts that we wished we could buy.

The more we discussed it (mostly in our car share to and from the 6.30am gym class) we felt there was a gap in the market for a gym themed gift brand that was inclusive, colourful, funny, clever and well designed – just about the sheer joy of exercise. Neither of us excel in the gym – we just do it for fitness and fun, and we want our brand to reflect that. There’s a great sense of camaraderie in functional fitness gyms and you get to know the people you train with really well, so we felt the idea of greetings cards and gifts fitted perfectly.

Fast forward to today and we now produce a range of items from clothing and greetings cards to mirrors, badges, mugs and art prints - all sorts of fun stuff for your 'fitfam' and friends.

Whether you're a fan of the gym, weightlifting, functional fitness, OCR, bootcamp, functional fitness, Pilates, yoga or just wellbeing, you're bound to find something you love here.

(In case you are wondering, AMWRAP is a play on the term “AMRAP” (‘as many reps as possible’) – but we added the W to make it AMWRAP - as in gift wrap… we should probably start selling gift wrap for it to make more sense…).